Yes, That Was a Legion of Super-Heroes Ring on The Flash


Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Flash's latest episode, titled "Welcome to Earth-2."

As Barry made his way through the breach to Earth-2 on tonight's episode of The Flash, we got glimpses of a lot of cool, alternate-universe characters from around DC's multiverse.

Besides John Wesley Shipp's 1990 version of The Flash, and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl, fans were stunned to spot a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring.

Earlier this monthSupergirl and The Flash EP and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns hinted that the Legion of Super-Heroes appearing on one of the TV shows he oversees.

A lot of fans assumed that would be DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which launched last week and which boasts time travel as a staple of the show -- but then there were comments that the show wouldn't travel past 2166.

While technically the Legion could come back from the future to 2166 or earlier, the reality is almost any version of the 31st Century the Legion might come from, would make Vandal Savage not all of history's worst threat, as he's so far been characterized, but a bump in the historical road.

I speculated that the odds-on favorite was likely Supergirl, given her past association with the team, but now it appears he was talking about this shot.

For those who want more Legion in their lives, the second season of the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series apparently just became available on iTunes and Amazon.

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    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 26 Months

    Man, I missed that, awesome!!! Pity we didn't see a Smallville reference as Smallville helped get all these shows made, a Superman Returns and Lois & Clark too, the list is endless.

    Pleaseeeeeee do what they did in X3 and make a crossover with the CBS Flash JWS, it would be the most exciting event personally ever on TV!!! Love this show!

    • BubbaH
    • 206 Posts in 13 Months

    Also present were Jonah Hex, Grodd, and metal armed and bearded green arrow.

    • ryanh1992
    • 66 Posts in 14 Months

    BubbaH said ... (original post)

    Also present were Jonah Hex, Grodd, and metal armed and bearded green arrow.

    It looked more like Connor Hawke to me, rather than a DKR green arrow.

  1. We just saw that picture of a flight ring associated with the Solitude episode of Supergirl. Jimmy Olsen guides Kara to the Fortress of Solitude where the ring is in Kal-El's collection.

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