Deceased The Walking Dead Characters Reunite


I see dead people!

As part of Entertainment Weekly's special coverage of The Walking Dead's midseason premiere, which airs this Sunday, they've round up 11 actors that had their characters killed off AMC's ratings juggernaut.

Check out the full-photo below.


Included from left to right are Madison Lintz (Sophia), Kyla Kenedy (Mika), Jeryl Prescott (Jacqui), Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie), Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), Tyler James Williams (Noah), David Morrissey (The Governor), Emily Kinney (Beth), IronE Singleton (T-Dog), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob), and Robin Lord Taylor (Sam).

The Walking Dead returns February 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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  1. And now let's all pray and weep for the fact we'll never see that post-puberty Sophia on the show... Who's bright idea was it to kill her damnit?!

  2. Lizzie - because she was a special kind of crazy... Beth - because she could have been a stronger character... Glenn - because.. ooops spoiler!

  3. Who the hell is Sam? The Penguin was on this show?

    • CB125155
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    I think ill miss bob, noah and tyrese the most...they were just good characters and I didnt see any of their deaths comming...nor did I want too...

    • CB122447
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    Cobblepot was in the eposide were Rick took Carol out to look for supplies and then told her she can't come back to the prison.

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