Star Wars: The Force Awakens Producers To Face Charges For Harrison Ford's Broken Leg

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  1. Govts dont give a rats ass about safety. Thousands of people are permanently injured every year by toxic vaccines yet govts still promote their use. Thousands of motorists die in intersections every year even though govts knows roundabouts are 100% safer. More people die from legal drugs then illegal drugs yet you dont see BigPharma CEOs prosecuted. Crimes of all types skyrocket when guns are banned.Govt isnt The Equalizer, govt is Vlad the Extorter.

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    I seem to recall that shooting was delayed and the release date was, indeed, pushed back at one point. Those damn "ealth and Safety Executives...."

  2. I live in NJ, a state that was littered with "roundabouts".  There has been a growing movement to remove them because they're inefficient as hell and most people hate driving in them.

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