In Just One Weekend Deadpool Became Highest Grossing 2016 Movie So Far


In its opening frame, Deadpool brought in $150 million for the four-day holiday weekend, making it the top-grossing film of 2016 so far.

This all but guarantees that it will speed to a number of mini-records, some of which will probably be promptly broken as the late spring and summer blockbusters start to hit theaters...although it may be harder to set new marks than previously anticipated, since Deadpool doubled its projected opening weekend.

How did this happen? Well, there were a few factors.

First of all, as noted, Deadpool wildly overperformed, and was so successful that it essentially batted away competition from films like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Zoolander no. 2.

The box office juggernaut that was Star Wars: The Force Awakens pushed most other major releases away from the first month of 2016, so that when February started, there had been a bit of a drought of new, exciting movies. Deadpool's unique approach to the superhero genre and spot-on marketing was essentially custom-designed to fill that hole, and the inability of some other mainstream openings to find their audience recently probably helped people feel like this was the one they needed to watch.

In any event, at least for now, Deadpool is the reigning box office champion for 2016. We're fairly sure he's doing a little happy dance.