The Walking Dead's Christopher Berry Didn't Know About Mystery Car In His Walking Dead Scene


He may have only been featured on the show for one episode but Christopher Berry's brief appearance on The Walking Dead has scored him a fanbase large enough to call for a Reddit AMA. That's when you've know you made it.

Though his time with the show was brief, Berry quickly became a part of The Walking Dead family which not only means we'll most certainly be seeing at Walker Stalker Cons around the country but also that he met a certain cast member on set who had nothing but good things to say about him. "I did meet Andrew [Lincoln] at craft service on set, and he was terrific," Berry says in one of his most popular answers. "He told me that Norman [Reedus] had been raving about my performance to him, which was awesome! Didn't get to meet any other cast members though, which was a bummer."

That performance did come with some intimidation attempts on other cast members, including the apocalypse's favorite ginger, Michael Cudlitz's Abraham. Being a fan of the show since day one, Berry was excited to have a shot a working with the rest of the cast. "Just being there was my favorite, as I've been a fan of the show since day one," Berry says. "Standing toe to toe with Michael [Cudlitz] and delivering that 'shit' line was pretty fun, too, not gonna lie."

Most importantly, though, is whether he not he knows what's going on with that mystery car that happened to pop up in the background of his only scene. "Yeah, I read something about that earlier today," Berry admits. "To be honest I have no clue."

This seems to indicate it was more of a "movie mistake" type of thing but who knows, maybe Negan or some more of his men pulled up just in time to see their buddies exploding.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.