Captain America: Civil War Empire Magazine Cover Revealed

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  1. Have you never even read a civil war comic? This is a replica of the most iconic photo of the entire series. It's not supposed to be a tactically efficient attack but simply a nod to the source material. Smh people just feel the need to hate everything that comes out these days

    • MovieMan
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    I have to say I am worried about the film. I never read the comics, but I did read the novel for Civil War. LOVED it and it is like so many novels, so much gets changed. The worst is that they did not wait until Spider-man could be the major player he is in the story. I mean, he is the turning point in the war and the Iron Spider suit is quite important. That being said, I still will be watching this, leaving the acceptance of the new take on it. I mean, 11-22-63 is my favorite Stephen King story, and I am really enjoying the take so far on Hulu. However, I never could accept the film of The Dark Half after it drastically changed the novel's main point. Regardless, I will watch this with the hopes I truly enjoy what they did, and most likely will enjoy it...

    • CB100189
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    I would have thought captain America costume to be more damaged like in the comic. That look would deferentiate itself from other merchandise cap has been involved in.

    • payney992
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    thats cool!

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