Is This Our First Look At Connor Hawke On Legends Of Tomorrow?

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    • LtMcLean
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    Producers confirmed that it is their show's "version" of Connor Hawke...

    • CB128643
    • 2 Posts in 11 Months

    For me, this Deathstroke person could be Connor Hawke!! Going rogue for whatever reason

  1. I'd be concerned that is a little too Kylo Ren...

  2. Aww...I like the idea that this archer could be an as yet born child of Diggle. But wait, Andy's child is a son isn't he? Other than the annoyance of last episode and him being constantly referred to but never seen, Andy could easily be a victim this season and, well, depending on some stuff, Felicity might just start a home for partially orphaned children.

    • DarkWater
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    I also would prefer if this guy is a family member of Diggle's, because it makes this character more interesting.

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