Stephen Amell Reveals First Look At Two Green Arrows In DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

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    Reminds me of someone but I can't exactly place it. Maybe the Thrush from "Black Adder the Second". :)

  1. Is that really deathstroke from behind that Oliver is looking at

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    Looking forward to this episode. Legends is getting better with each episode. Arrow is by far my favorite of the shows, but Supergirl and The Flash are neck and neck. Legends has been my least favorite, but it is definitely catching up and carving out great developments of the characters. I think one thing that hurt it, even though it was great for the stories, was killing of Hawkman so quickly.

  2. Savage " a bad ass" ? He is the worst villain ever. He isn't even charismatic. Overplayed and seriously the beard has got to go. Same facial hair through 300 years. Come on ...

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