Justice League Movie Officially Starts Filming In April

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    • CB124689
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    That will shut up the rumors about WB not having faith in BvS and Snyder, and post ponding JL1 for a Batman Movie

    • CB123638
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    Thank god, I feel like they announced this just to shut up all the idiots that thought it would be delayed.

    • cimmerian
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    But, but, didn't you have these trustworthy sources telling you it was going to be cancelled and Snyder would get the boot? Was that all BS? Of course it was. The only question now is if you'll admit it.

  1. but i thought they would start in november? and wonder woman is filming until april 22. poor gal, she is getting no breaks, ever hear of exhaustion wb?

  2. They probably won't be filming Gal's scenes until later in the shoot, or she will have wrapped her scenes in Wonder Woman by then.

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