Darth Vader's Imperial March Sounds Much Happier In A Major Key

darth vader
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

John Williams' score to Star Wars is one of the most recognizable pieces in history. The start with the blaring trumpets, like it's announcing a major event as the film's opening crawl reads the happenings of the incoming space adventure.

The Star Wars theme isn't just the only memorable theme by any means. The second most recognizable is Vader's theme, or what is known as The Imperial March. It's low minor key gives visual cues of something sinister and lurking around the corner. It's a famous tune that's been used in parodies, TV commercials, sports events, you name it.

But what if Williams had used a major key instead?

A while ago, Soundcloud artist Iaztozia switched up the tune to make something slightly more...chipper. Give a listen.

Almost reminds me of some heroic music from an RPG from back in the day. Crazy, huh?