EXCLUSIVE: Gotham Takes a Look Ahead at Penguin's Season 2 Journey

"Who is running Gotham's underworld?" That's the question posed by a reporter in this exclusive new clip from Gotham provided to ComicBook.com by FOX. The video goes behind-the-scenes with Robin Lord Taylor to look forward at Penguin's journey in season 2's back half.

"He's untethered now, he can be the monster that everybody has always viewed him as," Taylor teases in the video. "Now that he has that license, it's going to get a lot darker."

In the clips from the show, The Penguin is hiding out after being publicly blamed for the murder of Theo Galavan - though viewers know that Jim Gordon was the one that actually pulled the trigger. We also see what looks like Penguin's entrance into Arkham Asylum, a facility for the criminally insane.

"I'm not a criminal, you know," Penguin says, "I'm just... insane."

Gotham returns with season 2's second half, "Wrath of the Villains," on Monday February 29 at 8pm.