Battlefield 5 To Reportedly Be Set In World War 1


Everything old is new again, at least, that is the direction that EA's and DICE's Battlefield 5 might be taking. The Battlefield series, along with its offshoot Hardline, has been mining the present day for its franchise entries over the last few years, but it looks the next game might be heading back in time a bit.

World War I to be exact. At least, if the listing on a German retailer is to be believed. World of Games had Battlefield 5 listed on their page, with a description saying (translated from German) "multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1". After that listing was blasted on Twitter, it was updated to display "multiplayer tactical shooter", but Twitter user Thrillho managed to catch a screenshot of the original listing.

Everything goes full circle, and for Battlefield, it is no different. At first everything was World War II, then Vietnam, then the present, and then the future. As people fatigue on that, someone was bound to head back to the past for inspiration, and World War I is chock full of things for them to play around with.

The game is set to come out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 26th.