DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

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  1. Sara handing the bow to Oliver reminded me of Rey and Luke at the end of Force Awakens, but probably just a coincidence since it was most likely filmed before the movie came out

  2. Oliver's mechanical arm appeared in a shot just when Rip, Sarah & Connor entered the basement. It had the Star Labs logo. When Grant crashes Mick's party, 1 or 2 guys next to him have face paint. It reminded me of The Sons of Batman, who appeared in The Dark Knight Returns. Coincidence or not I'm not sure, but it seems like a possible nod, considering Oliver had also lost his left arm in said series.

  3. Also the part where Connor, Sara & Rip escape from Grant's DeathSroke, there's a Poster "McAllister For President 2040", it might be an Ester Egg for Kathryn McAllister Character!.

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    Sarah telling rip to go to hell and him saying most likely reminded of this weeks episode of Arrow when Oliver told the crew that Constantine was in hell maybe alluding to Constantine's appearance next season

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