The Justice League Part 1 Working Title Revealed

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The Justice League Part 1 will officially get underway with principal photography starting April 11, 2016, bringing together the full DC Comics pantheon of heroes. It's a nearly non-stop production for Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the film, as she'll have just come off of her solo movie, which started shortly after Batman v Superman wrapped.

Now, thanks to casting and production notices, the working title, "Caveman," has leaked out. Caveman, when associated with the Justice League, could be a clue to a villain. While popular opinion is that Darkseid, the villain who brought the League together in the most recent version of their origin, would be the big bad for the film, it's possible they could face someone else first. Vandal Savage is an immortal villain that has hounded the League and other heroes throughout the entire span of time, after being affected by a meteorite as - you guessed it - a caveman.

Of course, Savage is also currently the big bad that the time-hopping team on DC's Legends of Tomorrow on The CW has united to combat, so using him in both could be slightly more complicated than they want to get.

Still, many production names or working titles have something to do with the film, so it could be offering a clue.

Interestingly, notes also list, in addition to executive producers Wesley Coller and Geoff Johns, and Producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder, other producers listed include Doug Mitchell, Barrie Osborne, Dan Lin, and George Miller. Miller famously has a Justice League film all the way up to active pre-production and casting for him to direct, which wound up being cancelled. He went on to direct Mad Max: Fury Road, for which he's been nominated for an Academy Award.

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  1. If it is Vandal Savage, they need to find someone with more gravitas and a deeper voice than Casper Crump, who doesn't fit the role very well.

  2. If they're listing George Miller as a producer, there's a good chance the plot draws on his unrealized Justice League project.

    • CB120342
    • 47 Posts in 13 Months

    I highly doubt it's Vandal Savage since they allowed him to be the main antagonist of LOT. I would really prefer a villain like Savage for the first film though. Darkseid should be saved for a later JL movie, I think it's stupid to to go ahead and use him in the first one. That's like if Avengers started off with Thanos. Brainiac is another name I hear a lot, but I really think he should be saved for the Man Of Steel sequel.

  3. Miller's movie was titled Justice League: Immortal. So I think this fits very well, given that Savage is Earth's first immortal.

    • JoeKerr75
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    It's probably Caveman because the first justice league hq was in a cave in Rhode island until the joker tricked the mascot into telling him where it was. while the joker was posing as John doe the most normal guy in America

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