The Wolverine 3's Working Title Is Juarez

The Wolverine 3 Old Man Logan

The Wolverine 3 will film under the working title “Juarez,’ according to Production Weekly.

The Wolverine 3 reunites director James Mangold with Hugh Jackman for Jackman’s final outing as the popular Canadian mutant.

While there have been official details on the film’s plot, rumor suggest it will be based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” storyline from  2008 and 2009. That story took place in a dystopian future where the Marvel Universe supervillains managed to band together and take out all of the superheroes. Logan survived but was left a changed man, swearing to never pop his claws again, but circumstances force him on a road trip across the country, alongside the now blind Avenger Hawkeye.

Hawkeye can’t appear in The Wolverine 3, for rights reasons, and some have speculated that he will be replaced with Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart. This has not been confirmed.

The Wolverine 3 is expected to have an R rating. Principal photography begins in April.

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  1. I predict they're going to do away with the whole Dystopian Future angle because of the DoFP ending. With conflict between mutants and humans apparently at an end, Logan has decided to retire from fighting, and focus on teaching future generations of mutants instead. Something else will happen to force him out of retirement again.

    • Beaniiman
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    Instead of Hawkeye, Deadpool will join Logan because DEADPOOL :P

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