Suicide Squad Confirmed To Be Targeting PG-13 Rating

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  1. You could get away with lots of things and still get away with a PG-13.

  2. Duh.

    • Kalitor
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    I dont understand everyone's desire to have everything go R-rated. Personally, I'm pleased that they aren't doing that kind of thing. I don't watch R-rated films and its nice to be able to enjoy these movies too. Everyone who seems to be pining for more R-rated films seem to not think that there are adults out there who have different standards. I'm glad to see most studios are still trying to make movies that everyone can enjoy. I can't tell you the disappointment I had when Star Wars got a PG-13 rating as I couldn't take my small children to it. Something that I was looking forward to instilling in them was the nostalgia that the original films had with kids of that age. But alas, Abrams and company cared more about making neat special effects than creating a family experience which is what Star Wars always was. It's even worse that these superhero movies seems to moving towards an R-rating. It bugs me because it ignores a significant part of the audience who doesn't care for things when they get that hardcore. Shouldn't we have a chance to see our heroes onscreen too?

    • _L0Bo_
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    Cannot wait for this!

    • CB132010
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    You can still bring children to a PG-13 movie....

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