Batman Solo Movie Could Be A Prequel To Batman V. Superman


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice features a Batman that has been active for almost two decades according to Ben Affleck, which explains the presence of grey hair we see in the film.

It also explains why we see that Robin costume in the glass case, a reminder of past failures. Geoff Johns weighed in on that a bit.

“We’ll be exploring that, no one says specifically the name of which Robin that is.”

Those comments could be construed as prequel talk for Affleck's upcoming solo Batman film, the one he is allegedly directing. While Affleck didn't address that point specifically, he did elaborate on what the project status is right now.

“It’s in development, and right now I’m really focused on finishing Live By Night,” says Affleck, an adaptation of the thriller by novel by Gone Baby Gone author Dennis Lehane. “That’s where my focus is, and I tend to be a one movie at a time guy. So, when I’m finished with this movie, I’ll then focus on my next movie and figure out what that will be.”

With the movie thus far not having a release date, or release year even, it's hard to nail down what the status of the DC film universe could look like when that film nears release. With Batman, a prequel would certainly make sense, as there is a great deal to explore there.

Personally I like that we are getting to see an experienced Batman in Dawn of Justice, and forgoing some of the usual Year One tales of recent memory.

via Entertainment Weekly

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    • Kevin
    • 534 Posts in 28 Months

    Or they are going to adapt 'Under the Red Hood' and it will flash back to a younger Bruce with Jason.

  1. Kevin said ... (original post)

    Or they are going to adapt 'Under the Red Hood' and it will flash back to a younger Bruce with Jason.

    Bingo.  Nothing's actually said that really makes you think 'this will be a prequel' because even with BvS, there were rumors to have flashbacks.  As well as there being rumors that even the standalone Batman film will be adapted to Under the Red Hood and use flashbacks.  I doubt A.) Ben Affleck could really resemble a younger Batman because since BvS is heavily inspired by The Dark Knight Returns, one would think Batman would be much leaner than the way he looks in BvS and B.) I don't see anyone else being Batman while Affleck's in the role.

    • Ajic
    • 233 Posts in 18 Months

    As long as we dont get Joker as a villain then Im with it. Dont get me wrong. Jokers great, but Batman has a TON of other villains in his rogues gallery that definitely deserve to shine. Or given another chance (Freeze, Ivy, Riddler, Penguin).

    • RJW
    • 419 Posts in 22 Months

    Under the Red Hood is great, but I'd rather they didn't do a straight up adaptation. What about new stories?

    • tchaka
    • 49 Posts in 9 Months

    On the contrary, I really hope they adapt Under the Red Hood. Maybe make it a two parter, doing the first half where Jason dies and then the second half focusing on his return. Those could be a smart group of movies.

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