Spider-Man Rumored To Debut In New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

CW Spidey 2

We've been getting bits and pieces of Captain America: Civil War all week.

On Monday, the press visit reports flooded out with coverage from Team Cap's side of the production. The overwhelming message was that this movie will be very much a Captain America film and a conclusion to Steve Rogers' trilogy of movies. Plus, Scarlet Witch and her powers will be explored. Then, on Tuesday, Team Iron Man's side flooded out and we learned a lot about Black Panther and that The Vision, like Scarlet Witch, will see an arc regarding his powers.

The missing piece of the big picture has remained the same from the time this film began production: Spider-Man. That's about to change.

With the announcement of a new Captain America: Civil War trailer coming tomorrow, Latino Review is reporting that it is being referred to as the "payoff" trailer at Marvel and it will "heavily" feature Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

There's no confirmation of this new rumor just yet and these types of things tend to either be spot on or completely inaccurate. At least we won't have to wait very long to find out.

It would make sense for Spider-Man to debut tomorrow, or at least soon. While Marvel may have other tricks up its sleeve, this is a time which is crucial for the marketing of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film arrives at the end of the month and will attempt to dominate the media in the coming weeks and Marvel still has Daredevil coming just a week before Batman v. Superman. Revealing Spider-Man tomorrow gives the Internet time to explode and when the smoke clears, it finds Daredevil news.

In addition to the timing, Captain America: Civil War will be shown in its entirety on April 13 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. If Spider-Man isn't shown by then, some numbskull in the crowd will likely take a photo of the screen and share it for their own five minutes of anonymous fame. Marvel would surely rather release an official image for the first look.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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    • wheelwork
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    Excited for this new trailer. Give us some Web-head!

    • CB132436
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    • CB132436
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  1. I hope this is false. I don't want to see Spiderman in the 3rd final trailer, I think it takes away from the narrative they are trying to build with all the promo material that is being released.

    • psalm51
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    Unless it's just camera moving across a Civil War Battlefield in NY, with spidey caught as it pans by just perched on a building in awe of the destruction... i kinda don't even want to see spider-man until the movie. mainly because it's not a spider-man movie and he hasn't been developed yet so I don't care to see more than a cameo from him since he can't add much to the story without taking away from focusing on Cap.

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