Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr. Reveal Whose Side Thor and Hulk Would Pick In Civil War

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While Captain America: Civil War has plenty of heroes in the mix, but it is lacking two fairly big characters from the other Marvel films.

In the recent BuzzFeed Q&A, Captain America actor Chris Evans and Director Joe Russo took a stab at guessing what side Avengers Thor and Hulk would end up taking if they were involved in the conflict.

Chris was a bit pessimistic, guessing "They may be on Tony's side. Ruffalo would probably be on Tony's side. He's got Scarlett, maybe we get Hemsworth."

As for Joe Russo, he sees things a bit differently, saying "Can't imagine Banner siding with Ross and the government. Thor is more of a wildcard."

Not to be left out, Robert Downey Jr. also weighed in, saying "It's a forgone conclusion. Bruce and Tony are Science Bros."Also have to love that he signed it R2D2J2. It's the little things.

I think they all make good points, but after all the junk Banner has dealt with from Shield and the government in the past, I agree with Russo that it would be hard to imagine Hulk siding with Iron Man.

As for Thor, the only real allegiance he would have is to Jane, and I think Jane would side with Cap, with all of her research at one time confiscated by the government. I'm sure she still harbors some semblance of a grudge.

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  1. I can see Thor siding with Cap, because he respects Steve so much and, as was seen in age of Ultron, Thor has a bit of a short fuse when it comes to Tony. As far as Banner goes, i can totally see him siding with Tony. Why you ask? Because Banner KNOWS how much damage The Hulk can do and has done. Banner feels very guilty....hell he left the Avengers BECAUSE of the damage he's done. He would be the first person to want the monster inside him controlled. Now that being said, i could see him trusting Tony to do that, but NOT the government and especially not Ross.

    • Volntyr
    • 44 Posts in 29 Months

    I think the Hulk would never side with Tony after having that small little skirmish with Veronica.

    • CB132626
    • 1 Posts in 10 Months

    I think thor will be Tony's side because of vision being on Tony's side and hulk will be at caption's side as Tony is involved with government if that happens we would be able to see another epic fight between hulk and hulk buster

    • Tatsky
    • 53 Posts in 22 Months

    Well isn't this an easy one? Banner knows how much damage the Hulk can do, and actively developed a platform with Stark to subdue the Hulk. So he will be up for superhero registration. Thor is a god, and although he learned humility, he still sees himself as carrying the weight of the world and as someone who has to rise up above it all and defend the earth. So I can't see Thor agreeing with a registration act which dictates when and how he should save people.

  2. I think that Banner would side with Iron Man, but not so sure about The Hulk. Banner regrets all the harm he's done as Hulk, but Hulk doesn't want to be contained. Not sure about Thor.

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