Chris Evans And Robert Downey Jr. Reveal Whose Side Thor and Hulk Would Pick In Civil War

Hulk Thor AvengersHeader
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

While Captain America: Civil War has plenty of heroes in the mix, but it is lacking two fairly big characters from the other Marvel films.

In the recent BuzzFeed Q&A, Captain America actor Chris Evans and Director Joe Russo took a stab at guessing what side Avengers Thor and Hulk would end up taking if they were involved in the conflict.

Chris was a bit pessimistic, guessing "They may be on Tony's side. Ruffalo would probably be on Tony's side. He's got Scarlett, maybe we get Hemsworth."

As for Joe Russo, he sees things a bit differently, saying "Can't imagine Banner siding with Ross and the government. Thor is more of a wildcard."

Not to be left out, Robert Downey Jr. also weighed in, saying "It's a forgone conclusion. Bruce and Tony are Science Bros."Also have to love that he signed it R2D2J2. It's the little things.

I think they all make good points, but after all the junk Banner has dealt with from Shield and the government in the past, I agree with Russo that it would be hard to imagine Hulk siding with Iron Man.

As for Thor, the only real allegiance he would have is to Jane, and I think Jane would side with Cap, with all of her research at one time confiscated by the government. I'm sure she still harbors some semblance of a grudge.

via BuzzFeed