Civil War Writer Says Batman V Superman Has Captain America: Civil War Beat In Trailers


Marvel made a huge play this week in their extensive and wide variety of Captain America: Civil War reveals, but they actually aren't the film that is debuting in just over two weeks. According to Mark Millar, the Civil War trailer still doesn't beat out the trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

On his Twitter account, the acclaimed Civil War (comic) writer said "Gotta say BVS has Civil War beat in trailers. I've waited my entire life to see Batman jump through a window & take down baddies like that."

After his initial post, commenters started weighing in, and things seem to be pretty divided. That said, I did love @rantanplan1980's take on the subject.

Personally I've enjoyed both trailers, but seeing Spider-Man debut in the most recent one just took the cake for me. I do agree with Millar on his Batman point however, and I can't wait to see more of that when Batman V Superman debuts on March 25th.

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  1. Meh, seeing Spider-Man in his 6TH CINEMATICE & 2nd REBOOT in less than than 15 years doesn't compare to the first cinematic appearance of WONDER WOMAN. And I love how the sheep that replied with "ARE U MAD DAE NOT FOLLOW YOUR STORYLINE LOL."

    • TurtleDude
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    Eh, this post is easy click bait. But I think its a more appropriate characterization to say that BvS looks like 2 guys fighting in a city, while Civil War looks like things are going down big time. I guess it depends on how you prefer a fight like this. For me, I prefer getting emotionally involved and deeply interested in a fight that is the outcome of almost 10 years, a fight that will not only have major repercussions but also make you question who you agree with. That's not saying that you can't choose sides with BvS, but ultimately many people are just excited to see Batman and Superman (and WW) on screen together for the first time; whether or not they fight ultimately wouldn't matter much because people are just happy to see them on screen. The stakes in Civil War are much, much higher than in BvS.

    • RJW
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    Well I would expect the emotional stakes to be higher 10 movies in. That's not to say that BvS won't be as good, just that they are at different points in their stories.

  2. Actually, its more than just excitement for seeing BVS share the screen together. There are full out debates in my school and other places I go about who would win. Even then, I don't see how this post is gives exactly what it says. He's talking about the trailers, not the movies. Both movies have some serious sh*t going down, no need to discredit the scope of the other. Batman v Superman is a movie people have been waiting for, some their whole lives, the same goes with Civil War. There's no need to discredit one or the other at all.

  3. @TurtleDude But Batman's 5th reboot is fine?I for one am alright with reboots as long as they're done right.

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