Civil War Writer Says Batman V Superman Has Captain America: Civil War Beat In Trailers


Marvel made a huge play this week in their extensive and wide variety of Captain America: Civil War reveals, but they actually aren't the film that is debuting in just over two weeks. According to Mark Millar, the Civil War trailer still doesn't beat out the trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

On his Twitter account, the acclaimed Civil War (comic) writer said "Gotta say BVS has Civil War beat in trailers. I've waited my entire life to see Batman jump through a window & take down baddies like that."

After his initial post, commenters started weighing in, and things seem to be pretty divided. That said, I did love @rantanplan1980's take on the subject.

Personally I've enjoyed both trailers, but seeing Spider-Man debut in the most recent one just took the cake for me. I do agree with Millar on his Batman point however, and I can't wait to see more of that when Batman V Superman debuts on March 25th.