Captain America: Civil War Trailer Hits Close To 100 Million Views In First 24 Hours

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

"Alright, I've run out of patience. UNDEROOS!"

That line led to one of the most anticipated debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, and a lot of people tuned in to see Marvel Studios take on their biggest hero, The Amazing Spider-Man.

94.7 million people in fact, in just 24 hours. It turns out people really like Spider-Man. Who knew?

Yeah, everyone knew. With the combined numbers of the American trailer (22 million), the UK trailer (1.9 million), the additional 25 foreign language trailers, plus the Marvel and Captain America Facebook pages (17 million each), Captain America: Civil War's trailer has surpassed Avengers: Age of Ultron's 34.3 million 24 hour tally.

Pretty impressive indeed.

via Entertainment Weekly

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    • wheelwork
    • 2254 Posts in 26 Months

    DC better take notes.

  1. On the roof. He said on the roof.

  2. Take notes for what...? They're trailers get tons of interest anyway. What does DC have to do with this? Whatever.

    • TGS808
    • 282 Posts in 14 Months

    I can see how you'd think it was "On the roof" but it was definitely "Underoos". If you don't know what Underoos are, look them up and you'll get the joke/reference.

    • K10
    • 23 Posts in 17 Months

    At 1st i was very impressed then i read your article carefully and realised it was just click bait. Come on man you added up the numbers for 29 trailers spread across various different forms of social media sites in different parts of the world. So in reality they got round about 3.4 million each which for big blockbuster movie trailers is not very big. This is what Politics call spin.

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