The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride Explains Carol's Smoking Habit

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Carol shoots a little girl on The Walking Dead and no one bats an eye. Carol smokes a cigarette and everyone loses their minds.

Since Carol's recent smoking habit has become a buzzed about topic among fans of The Walking Dead, I thought it was appropriate to go straight to the source to ask where it came from.

"I think there's several ways to look at it," says Carol actress, Melissa McBride. "She could be punishing herself. She's struggling a lot and she could be punishing herself from the inside out in a way. It could also be a form of escape to do something that's not her. She feels further away from the person she has to be. And, also, it goes back to Neidermeyer and just, in this world the best thing that can happen is you don't have to kill somebody today. Neidermeyer she just wants her cigarettes. Sam, he just wants cookies. How she made a big deal of that, when it's just one little simple pleasure here and there, please. There's feeling guilty, too. There's several ways to look at that."

If Carol wants the simple pleasure of a cigarette in the apocalypse, I would say it's safe to say she's earned it.

Come back to after tonight's episode of The Walking Dead for Melissa McBride's perspective on The Same Boat!