Jimmy Fallon Says Batman V Superman Is One Of The Loudest Movies He's Ever Seen

Lex Luthor BVS

You can't really fault Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice actor Jesse Eisenberg for not knowing how to take Jimmy Fallon's compliment. It isn't something you hear everyday.

On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon described his experience of seeing the film as 'one of the loudest movies I've ever seen". Eisenberg, not knowing initially how to react, quipped "we should put that on the poster". Fallon did follow that up with "in a great way", but still, it just seemed like a weird descriptor for something you enjoyed.

Mostly because if someone describes something as 'the loudest (fill in the blank) I've ever seen" it's typically an old man named Hildebrant who is also moaning about the good old days of when gas was only a nickel.

Either way, you can catch the full interview with Eisenberg in the video clip above. 



  1. Knowing Snyder,it's probably one of the dumbest too. Superman not knowing who Batman is or was for 33 years is just an example of what happens when you give the reigns to one of Hollywood's biggest idiots. Good move Warner Bros.

    • libra113
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    I remember when I was a kid and my mom took me to see the first "Star Wars" movie (original series) and she said the same thing. Old people don't like sound effects. :)

  2. Not a full day until someone bitches about BvS, Snyder or Warner Bros. I highly doubt that this will be one of the dumbest movies ever lmao

    • Munchim
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    Goddamn Fallon is extraordinarily unfunny.

    • CB132499
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    Oh shut up everyone is saying its a great movie

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