Fan Fridays: Will Apocalypse be the Last "X-Men" Movie?

X-Men Apocalypse
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With the most recent X-Men: Apocalypse trailer being released, the stage is set for what will be one of the most epic challenges the students of Charles Xavier have ever faced. Apocalypse may be the latest entry into the field but could it also be the last? Comicbook fan Sean Simoneau seems to think so as the long running series may have reached the perfect crescendo of super powers and time traveling chicanery for the brand name. Now don’t get me wrong, there will certainly be more movies that have the mutants under the Fox banner, but just may not have the patented “X-Men” title to go along with them. As it stands, we’re definitely getting a sequel to the wildly successful Deadpool and potentially an X-Force movie, but we’re also getting a movie entitled “New Mutants” which we don’t know much about. With the X-Men name however, the time may have come for it to go the way of the dinosaurs to set the stage for a new generation and a new attitude.

Deadpool has changed the name of the game moving forward. Fox Studios never thought that the Ryan Reynolds’ movie was going to be as big as it was, and so, most likely, plans are beginning to shift over what comes next. Rather than focusing on the aging super team, things may begin to shift to focus on a team revolving around Deadpool and his “merry band” of folks including Cable, Domino, and a slew of other potential teammates. New Mutants was already confirmed long before Deadpool had hit the silver screen in his solo film, and you can bet that thought patterns may be working to bring it under the Wade Wilson banner rather than the “X” one.

X-Men Apocalypse

We can’t just look at the additions to the X-universe, we also have to take a gander at the subtractions to the cast of the team. Hugh Jackman is about to leave the universe with his final film being Wolverine 3. Jennifer Lawrence has stated on occasion that X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely her swan song with the team, as her contract expires. Producer of the film, Simon Kinberg, has even gone on record stating that Apocalypse will act as the final film for what was created with the beginning of X-Men: First Class. What this necessarily means is still up in the air, but with so many stars abandoning ship, priorities need to shift and Ryan Reynolds can act as the life preserver that the franchise really needed before Deadpool dropped.

Finally, it’s a movie called Apocalypse! There’s no time better than now to start a new brand as this would be the chance to wipe the slate clean with not only the biggest X-Men villain but one of the biggest storylines that the mutants have seen. The new mutants introduced, and those reintroduced such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler, can forge their own path as “New Mutants” rather than “X-Men” especially if Professor Xavier and Magneto bite the bullet and aren’t there to lead them. In this new timeline, anything can happen and since X-Force may be taking over the reins of the “team movie” for Fox, pushing the “X-Men” to the side may be for the best.

X-Men: Apocalypse promises to be jam packed with mutants, immortal Egyptian despots, epic moments, and may act as the perfect jumping off point for the “X-Men” name.

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  1. I hope it's not the last X-Men movie but I hope it's the last one with this cast. This franchise needs a reboot so bad. They've screwed up the continuity and the characters so bad. Just start all over and do it right. This movie looks awful. Like a sci-fi original movie. And that's not Apocalypse no matter what they call him.

    • Munchim
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    Hopefully it'll be the last one Kinberg and Singer will butcher the X-men property

  2. It would be nice to bring back the original X-Men with a new movie with the corrected time line. Maybe they could have the opening scene with Hugh's "Wolverine" being killed in a blaze of glory!

  3. "...especially if Professor Xavier [bites] the bullet..." here's the thing that will not happen, there is zero percent chance of that, it's impossible. The flashforward at the end of Days of Future Past takes place in a timeline where the events of Apocalypse are history. Cemented fact there is no peril to Xavier, Beast, Jean, Storm or Cyclops. These characters have a free pass to immortality in Apocalypse. Also Patrick Stewart is playing a fairly big role in Wolverine 3 so the X-Men are continuing to exist as a group in-universe.

    • juggalord
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    If FOX is going to do a "New Mutants" movie then they need to abandon the Singerverse.

    Even with the rebooted post-DOFP continuity, we still kinda know how the future will turn out for the n00bs introduced in Apocalypse. We know that Jean, Storm, & Co all make it to the present day just fine. There's really no need to cover the same-ish ground with these familiar characters.

    Either do a proper "New Mutants" story or don't do one at all. Singer's already butchered the franchise enough. "Deadpool" has shown us exactly how fans would react to a faithfully adapted version of the characters. For Josh Boone's film to be a success, it needs to both deliver what the fans expect and clean the slate, wiping away the bad taste left by consistently inconsistent Singer adatations.

    Here's how I would go forward with the franchise:

    1. "Deadpool 2" - duh

    2. "X-Force" - Almost like "Deadpool 2.5" with Wade, Nate, and a motley crew of dangerous mutant anti-heroes. Maybe include X-23, Dr. Nemesis, Siryn, & Phantomex. No need to connect them to the New Mutants.

    3. "New Mutants" - In the comics, they were the first ongoing spin-off and true next generation of Xavier's students. Go back to basics. Bring in Dani, Bobby, Rahne, Sam, Xi'an, and maybe Illyana (to connect her to Colossus). For enemies, either bring in a post-DOFP rebooted White Queen and her Hellions or maybe bring on a Brood possessed Pierce and the Hellfire Club goons. How about this? In the comics, the team was formed under false pretenses (ie. Xavier possessed). Why not have them formed by Cassandra Nova only to then have to battle her? (Replace Nova with somebody like Beast or even Moira leading the school after.)  Seriously. Back to basics. They can later build sequels around threats like The Magus, Belasco, the AniMator, the Orphan Maker, Savage Land Mutates, or even Mojo. This could well be FOX's second (or third) bite at the X-Men apple and their chance to actually get it right this time.

    4. "Starjammers" - Who says that Marvel's GotG are the only ones who can have fun in space? Imagine Corsair and his team duking it out with the likes of the Shiar, the Imperial Guard, or even the Phalanx.

    5. "Madrox" - They _might_ have legal problems the "X-Factor" name, but imagine doing a big screen version of PAD's run with Layla, Guido, Rictor, & so on. A mutant detective adventure would be something new for FOX.

    There are a number of ways to proceed with the franchise without going back to the likes of Cylcops, Jean, Wolverine, or anything else from the Singerverse. FOX can cool off with those characters for a few years, come back with new actors, and continue along with them from a course corrected post-Singer design.

    FWIW, I'm against a Channing "Gambit" or any other version of the character in a solo movie. He really doesn't have the same legs as a Deadpool or a Wolverine. His rogues gallery is slim and his world outside of the X-Men isn't all that rich for anything beyond one movie. (Two if you really want to milk it.) He's a hard character to build a franchise off of.

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