Telltale Games Releases New Details For Its Upcoming Batman Game

TellTale Batman Header
(Photo: Telltale Games)

Looks like we won't have to wait long for Telltale Games Batman title, as it is slated for an August release. That was just one of a number of details unearthed about the upcoming title from their SXSW Gaming Expo panel.

The team also wants to delve more methodically into what Bruce Wayne brings to the mythos, and is giving players the opportunity to approach situations either as Batman or as Bruce. Whichever approach you take will have ramifications for the people you encounter, as well as the city you protect. Gotham will change depending on your choices, as will the villains that you fight against within its borders.

Telltale is taking a clean approach to the game storywise, so it won't be tied to any specific universe or setting, allowing the developers to tell whatever story they wish and with whatever characters they choose, but they did mention it will only feature a select few of Batman's entourage. Characters like Alfred, Vicki Vale, Commissioner Gordon, and Renee Montoya (yay!) will make appearances, but most likely characters like Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl will not. The choices you make within Bruce's friendships and acquaintances will also affect what side of the law they will ultimately end up on, as you can push them towards corruption or redemption depending on how you interact with them.

The last thing of note is that the team is going for a non-photorealistic graphical style that will look to mirror a living comic book, akin to The Wolf Among Us. That said, hopefully, their tech is getting a major upgrade, as that is the one area that all of the Telltale games have struggled in. The game will be rated M for mature, so fans can expect a cinematic and more adult Batman tale when it releases later this year.