Stan Lee Reveals His Least Favorite Cameo


The most recent cameo that Stan Lee made was in Deadpool, playing a DJ at a strip club. A couple months ago, the comic book icon proclaimed it to be his favorite cameo of all-time, but what is his least favorite?

"My least favorite cameo was like the second one I ever did. It was a Spider-Man movie," Lee told the audience at Silicon Valley Comic Con on Sunday. He's referring to his cameo in 2002's Spider-Man — directed by Sam Raimi and starred Tobey Maguire — in which Lee saves a young girl from the falling debris caused by the Green Goblin's massacre of the Oscorp board members at the World Unity Fair.

"Everybody is looking up going 'ooh,' and I'm one of the guys looking up going 'ooh' ...for one-second. And I resented that because it didn't give me a chance to show the full power of all my acting... I had a long talk with the director after that. He apologized, of course. I think in the next one [Spider-Man 2 (2004)] I was looking at another accident and they gave me another second to go 'ooh' like that."

"Seriously, I don't have any non-favorite cameos," he added. "It's just such fun to be there."

Additional reporting by Lucas Siegel.

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    • Shido
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    Huh! I would have thought it was that moment he had in Blade or the 1st Kick-Ass movie!

    • AdrFax
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    If I recall correctly, he did have a longer scene during the Unity Festival, selling sunglasses to a bunch of kids or something. I'm not sure if I heard that in the commentary or if that appeared on a BTS special, but eventually they cut that out.

  1. Same

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