The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Extended To 90 Minutes

TWD Rick Finale

When The Walking Dead concludes its sixth season, it will do so with an extended 90-minute episode has learned from AMC.

This is the third episode of the sixth season to be extended an extra thirty minutes, following in the footsteps of the season premiere and Morgan-centric Here's Not Here episode. The season five finale, which saw the death of Reggie Monroe and Pete Anderson was also given an extension at this time last year.

The season finale, which has been described with emphatic, horrifying words by cast members Lennie James, Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln, and more, promises to be deadly. Audiences are widely expecting the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of Negan in the 16th episode of sixth season. Be careful what you wish for, though, because there is no going back from his entrance.

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Posted by The Walking Dead on on Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Walking Dead has two episodes remaining in its sixth season, airing Sunday's at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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    • Leo097
    • 4 Posts in 19 Months

    "90 Minutes" yeah sure...

  1. right. it will be about 45 minutes of content and 45 minutes of commercials.

    • CB132738
    • 5 Posts in 10 Months

    This show show was NEVER a full 90 minutes so for amc to announce that is false, the most story we will get without the commercials will be a whopping 65 Minutes that's (1hr. and 5 Mins.) that's how long the Pilot was back at the beginning. You have to understand that in order to give the show an actual full 90 Min. of story the Network would have to set aside a 2hr. block time so they can still show their 25min. of commercials. That's to much for amc I mean come let's face it amc has always been cheap mongers with this show, why do you all think Frank Darabont was fired from the show? its because the cheap amc wanted to cut the shows budget after the first 6 episodes, and the budget cut caused problems as you can tell over the seasons.

    • ___
    • 18 Posts in 14 Months

    A great man once said the finale will be 40 minutes of filler, 15 minutes of Negan and 35 minutes of commercials.

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