Captain America: Civil War International Trailer Reveals New Footage

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  1. Nice scene between BW and Hawkeye

    • CB116949
    • 216 Posts in 13 Months

    Does Cap's "I can do this all day." line not resonate as well with international audiences? The Marvel folks certainly know a lot more about marketing than I do, so I'm sure there's reasoning behind it. But, Cap's line, along with Tony's: "Stand down. Final warning.", is my favorite part of the trailer.

  2. Seen one Marvel movie and you've seen them all. Cookie cutter all the way.

    • PredeKing
    • 48 Posts in 16 Months

     Cookie cutters are useful for making delicious , predictable uniform cookies, which people love .

    • Hikaru
    • 50 Posts in 20 Months

    just don't see those and that's all...

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