Meet The Man Who Played Ben Affleck's Batman Body


For nearly two years, you've been admiring Rossano Rea's body and didn't even know it!

In May 2014, when Zack Snyder released the first official look at Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight, fans across the globe gawked at the costume's high degree of muscular definition. But those massive arms, bulging veins, ripped abs and that powerful chest sculpted on the Batsuit don't belong to Mr. Affleck.

"It's my body and my muscles and it was constructed after me." Rea told Fox 2.

The Detroit area gym owner and trainer — who has dabbled in acting — was asked to audition for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, even though at the time he wasn't told what it was for. "There's fifteen guys standing in a line to take your measurements and your height and all that good nonsense and then there's more that come in and three days later, I got a call," he recalled.

When Rea was asked why Affleck's physique wasn't used for the Batsuit, he gave a rather candid response. "With all due respect to Ben, we're roughly the same height. He doesn't have the width, the size and deviation that I've got. I've been working out since I was 15 years old," he explained. "So he's a pretty beefy guy but I've been doing it for a little bit longer and I think they thought my physique would be a little more appropriate to display."

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  1. That's awesome. It's always been my thought-canon that Batman's overt musculature is more practical than provocative, like layered kevlar or some sort of reinforced padding that is grafted and fitted over integral muscle groups. It gives the impression of musclebound offensive power but really it's there as an extra layer of safety.

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    Lol this was made to make Affleck look bigger, there are even veins on the suit, this was made to mimic the Dark Knight returns suit It just looks silly,and error inducing If it was armor they wanted they should have mimicked the arkham games suit This is not the biggest batman even, it's the fakest!

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    Right?! This movie was a FAILURE! HACK Snyder doesn't know how to make GOOD movies!

    You sound so stupid you little troll lol

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    Maybe Afflaq is allergic to iron.

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