Fans Launch Petition To Get Zack Snyder Booted From Justice League

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For some a divisive movie is a bad movie, while for others it simply doesn't appeal to them, and you can take it or leave it depending upon your personal preferences.

A lot of people seem to view Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as the former, and would rather see the Justice League handled by a different director, thus the creation of this petition by Bryan Cruz.

It's my disagreement with one point in particular that struck me after reading it, located in the second paragraph. Bryan writes "Even if you loved Man of Steel and BVS. There has to come a time when WB and DC want someone at the helm that can create something that WON'T divide people in such a way. "

Why not? I disagree on the point that a divisive film is a bad one. Not every film has to be to everybody's tastes. I have no problem with Snyder or any director going with a singular vision of a property, and not diluting that formula with things that are included simply to appease a broad audience.

Part of me even thinks that all the back and forth and differing opinions has helped the film pack in theatres for multiple screenings. If you think the film is bad, that is perfectly fine, or if these characters are not the ones you would like to see recreated on screen, that's fine too. I will never berate a film or a director however for dividing people. Some of the best stories in comics have been that way, and some of the worst as well, but that factor alone isn't worth kicking Snyder off the franchise. 

If you are interested in seeing a different director at the helm, you can read the full petition here.


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    • Biro92
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    Definitely agree they should get another director. The movie is making money on brand recognition. I do also agree with that he should be replaced to simply to make a movie that is less divisive is not the right way to go, replace him so they make better movies simple as that.

  1. Yeah, WB should make DC movies that people are generally indifferent about and don't discuss the second they walk out of the theater. C'mon...

    Now, I had my misgivings prior to seeing BvS, based purely on critical response, but then I saw it and loved it. Do I wish the movie was getting a 75%+ on Rotten Tomatoes? Yes, but I've seen a lot of Marvel movies that are highly rated or just not divisive in the way MoS and BvS have been and I see no need to watch those movies ever again. A safe movie doesn't necessarily mean a good movie and a divisive one doesn't necessarily mean a bad movie. I am, however, extremely psyched to see OTHER directors' interpretations of my favorite DC characters, like Patty Jenkins on WW, David Ayers on Suicide Squad and James Wan on Aquaman. Hopefully those will be less controversial, less divisive, and people can go back to just enjoying these movies.

  2. Damn. These people need to get a life and grow up.

  3. Yeah let's get James Gunn so Batman and Superman could dance around with some dumbasses LOL

  4. Isn't that the purpose of a comicbook to be divisible and make you think? Another arc of batman or superman and everyone is having different opinion and weird for two movie its the same thing, i think thats a good thing, movie especially cbmovies should make you as much think as a comicbook, snyder as my heart on this

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