Batman V Superman Passes $500 Million Globally


After a $420 million opening weekend, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is continuing to impress at the box office, passing $500 million in record time. The movie took in $12.2 million on Tuesday and a a whopping $32.9 million overseas. Add it all up and we're at $501.9 million total.

Marvel's The Avengers, and most of Marvel's other huge hits, come out internationally a week before they hit U.S. theaters, so Batman V Superman has made it to the milestone faster than any other superhero adaptation...although obviously it's got a leg up on the competition in that regard.

Between poor reviews and a mediocre CinemaScore from opening night audiences, the film is expected to have a steep second-week drop, and it had one of the biggest Friday-to-Sunday drops of any major blockbuster in recent history...but it also made more than almost any major blockbuster in recent history, racking in a $420 million opening weekend that gives it the biggest four-day haul ever for a comic book adaptation.

Dawn of Justice is generally rumored to have cost $400 million between production and marketing, with WB hoping for an $800 million to $1 billion showing in theaters -- but after a massive start, even those who have been predicting bad things for the DC Extended Universe are starting to walk back those comments as production on Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder's Justice League Part One is expected to kick off in two weeks.

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