The Flash Season 2 Episode 18: Versus Zoom Extended Trailer


"You can't lock up the darkness."

The Flash is going on hiatus for a few weeks, but when it returns April 19th, we'll discover Zoom's origin.

In this latest sneak preview, Team Flash learns the real-name of the Earth-2 speedster they knew as the heroic Jay Garrick and recently discovered is the villainous Zoom. He's actually Hunter Zolomon, a convicted serial killer who acquired his powers while in the process of being executed on an electric chair.

Watch the "Versus Zoom" extended trailer in the video below.


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  1. Off 4 weeks, back for 2, off for 3. Top scheduling there.

  2. Didn't it just return from hiatus? To go back into it 2 weeks later? That's just annoying....

    • CB102418
    • 32 Posts in 14 Months

    How do they not realise having so many breaks is bad for business , if I wasn't a super nerd I'd be like forget this I'll just wait for it on netflix or something

    • CB104638
    • 5 Posts in 14 Months

    Yes, it's frustrating to see the show return then go back on hiatus. But knowing their love for the characters and their care to make it all look great, I gotta believe this is being done for the only good reason imaginable. If you think about the number of visual effects that go into every single episode, it may cause some of them to take longer to put out. I remember folks being blown away when we got a brief cameo of King Shark. More recently, we got him as the bad guy of the week for an entire episode. For all you know, the time it took to do that one episode might have set production time back on later episodes. It happens. Sometimes it takes longer than you want to get the result you're after.

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