Wonder Woman Actress Cathy Lee Crosby Reacts To Gal Gadot's Batman V Superman Costume


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice star Gal Gadot became the first actress to play a live-action version of Wonder Woman on the big screen. When it comes to the small screen, fans often mistakenly believe Lynda Carter — who starred in the 1975-1979 television series was the first, but that honor actually goes to Cathy Lee Crosby. She played the role in the 1974 television movie, which earned adequate ratings but was ridiculed by comic book fans for straying incredibly-far from the source material.

Inside Edition recently sat down with Crosby and let her reminisce about her days as Wonder Woman. She called her costume "interesting" and "colorful."

Although she hasn't seen Batman V Superman yet, she did take a gander at one of the official images of Gadot in her costume. After a pause, she said, "Ooh."

Check out Crosby's reaction in the video below.

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