Comic Book Men Preview: Jason Mewes Visits

Comic Book Men Last week, Comic Book Men premiered on AMC TV, and the show has been generating quite a bit of discussion online. While I found many segments of the show to be hilarious, there were some other comic book sites that didn’t like the show at all. And apparently, at least one of the cast members didn’t like it that some other comic book sites didn’t like the show.

While last week focused on introducing the cast as they competed in a flea market sales competition, tonight’s episode seems to focus around a celebrity visit. In an AMC preview of the episode, Jason Mewes pays a surprise visit to the Secret Stash comic book store. Of course, Jason Mewes is best known for playing Jay, the vocal half of the Jay and Silent Bob duo. Mewes has appeared in a number of Kevin Smith movies including Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

The first episode of Comic Book Men drew solid ratings, attracting 2 million viewers, which is very high for a cable television show. Of course, Comic Book Men did benefit from the record-breaking lead-in provided by The Walking Dead, which drew 8.1 million viewers. The real test will be if Comic Book Men is able to hold onto its audience from last week. The episode of Comic Book Men featuring a visit from Jason Mewes airs on Sunday, February 19 starting at 10 PM ET on AMC.