Amazing Spider-Man Video Game: You Can Play as Stan Lee

Stan Lee, credited as the co-creator of virtually every significant character in Marvel Comics' canon, has been appearing in Marvel films and animated shows for a while now--but he's taking the next step in 2012, appearing as a playable character in the upcoming video game based on Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man.

Due out from Activision, Lee told the Addict of Fiction blog (video below) that he will appear as a playable character in the game developed by Beenox, who apparently told Lee of his inclusion.

Lee's voice was used to narrate the video game based on Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man film, but he has never appeared onscreen as a playable character before.

Romeo & Juliet: The War, a graphic novel co-created by Lee, was recently released from 1821 comics. Activision's The Amazing Spider-Man will release on June 26 ahead of the film's July 3 release.