Big Bang Theory Recap: Leonard Nimoy Speaks To Sheldon

Leonard Nimoy Big Bang Theory

On tonight’s Big Bang Theory, Sheldon heard a voice, not just any voice, but that of Leanord Nimoy. After Penny buys Star Trek collectibles for Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon hears the voice of Leonard Nimoy coming from his Mr. Spock action figure.

Leonard Nimoy’s voice tells Sheldon to open his Star Trek Transporter toy and play with it. The best line of the show is when Nimoy tells Sheldon, “But remember, like me, you also have a human half.”

Even though he knows it will destroy the collectible value of his toy, Sheldon gives into temptation and opens up the Star Trek Transporter. Unfortunately, he winds up breaking the Transporter. And just as one might suspect, the Sheldon solution is to swap out his broken toy with Leonard’s toy.

Of course, Penny eventually talks Leonard into also opening his Transporter, upon which he discovers it’s broken. At first, Sheldon is going to allow Leonard to think the toy came broken, but his conscience gets the better of him and he confesses (eventually).