Man of Steel Logo Revealed

by Russ Burlingame

Cue the John Williams score, everybody!

Warner Brothers has released a first look at the Superman shield and movie logo for its upcoming super-reboot, Man of Steel. The image appeared on the movie's official Facebook page this afternoon.

Starring Henry Cavill, Man of Steel will be directed by Watchmen filmmaker Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, best known for turning the Batman franchise around after the smoldering crater left by Batman & Robin. The logo itself appears to be a similar style of text to that used in the recent Batman films, featuring simple white lettering against a dark background.

An official image of Cavill in costume has already been released, along with dozens of unofficial set photos taken by fans and reporters. The film will feature a Cavill dressed quite a bit like the New 52 Superman, with no visible pantie lines and a costume that looks more like leather armor descended from Smallville than anything you might have seen on a circus strongman. The film is set to hit theaters in May 2013.

By Russ Burlingame

Russ Burlingame has been covering comics and pop culture since 1999. He has written for WIZARD: THE COMICS MAGAZINE, Comic Related, Newsarama, and more before settling in for the long haul at back in 2011.