The Amazing Spider-Man Coming to India First

Remember when The Avengers was released and, thanks to week-early international releases, many Americans had seen the film before it ever hit the theaters? Well, get ready for those same friends to spoil The Amazing Spider-Man for you, too, because Sony's summer superhero tentpole will be released in India before it ever hits here in the United States.

The film's release date will be June 29 in India, ahead of its July 3 release here in the U.S., according to a report at The Hollywood Reporter.

Indian actor Iffran Khan will star in the film as well, reportedly as a close associate of The Lizard which presumably sets him up to return in potential sequels as Dr. Curt Connors works at Oscorp, the business owned by Green Goblin Norman Osborn.

“Each of the Spider-Man franchise films has broken records on its release in this territory. We are very confident that Indian audiences will enjoy the new reboot of the franchise even more because they are watching it before the U.S. and also, as this film has an India connect,” said Sony Pictures India Managing Director Kercy Daruwala in the THR interview.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man 3 broke an opening-weekend record in India which stood until it was broken by Avatar and then The Avengers.

Sony's last major release of the year, the new James Bond picture Skyfall, will also release a week ahead of its U.S. release in India, coming to Indian cinemas on November 2, 2012.