Thor: The Dark World's Villains: The First Look 0

thor-the-dark-world-logoWhile the motion capture dots around his eyes are a giveaway that this isn't exactly his final look, photographers near the set of Thor: The Dark World have caught our first good look at Christopher Eccleston as Malekith, leading his army of Dark Elves against Asgard.

It's interesting that Christopher Eccleston should be leading these guys because, barring a ton of post-production work to change their appearance, these Dark Elves remind us quite a bit of living, breathing Cybermen.

The photos, taken by Splash News, appeared on MTV Splash Page earlier today, although the Splash News page appears to be down at present.

Eccleston's Malekith keeps his chest logo, which is more than  a lot of comic book fans expected, and seems otherwise to be more or less in keeping with the look of the first Thor.

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