Starfire To Be Featured In DC Universe Presents

Starfire DC Universe Presents

In the past, DC Universe Presents has featured a lot of characters who don’t have their own title. We’ve seen Deadman, The Challengers of the Unknown, Vandal Savage, Kid Flash, Black Lightning and Blue Devil to name a  few.

Now, DC Comics has announced that Starfire from Red Hood And The Outlaws will be featured in DC Universe Presents #18. Her appearance will follow her colleague Arsenal’s appearance in issue #17.

According to The Source, Keatinge said, "After working with illustrator Ricken on our Arsenal issue, I got the bug to do more with the Outlaws, so getting the immediate opportunity to work with illustrator Federico Dallocchio on Starfire is very, very ideal. Even better, she's a character I've liked for a long time now, especially in the classic Wolfman/Perez Titans era. Shining a solo spotlight to where she's at now in DC Comics-The New 52 is something I'm very enthusiastic about."

DC Universe Presents #18 is written by Joe Keatinge with art by Federico Dallocchio. The issue is scheduled to arrive in comic book stores on March 20, 2013. The cover is by Ryan Sook.

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