The Walking Dead #100 Is The Top Selling Comic Book Of The Year

The Walking Dead #100The Walking Dead had a great year in 2012. Not only was The Walking Dead on AMC the top rated cable show of the year, but The Walking Dead also dominated the comic book sales charts.

According to Diamond Comic Distributors, The Walking Dead #100 was the best selling comic book of the year based on total unit sales to comic book specialty shops. The Walking Dead #100 was published in July, and it featured several variant covers from all-star creators including Bryan Hitch, Todd McFarlane, Ryan Ottley, Sean Phillips, Frank Quitely, and Marc Silvestri.

The Walking Dead #100 also featured the shocking death of one of the series most popular characters, and the issue was selected as one of the top five comic book news stores of 2012 by

Not only did The Walking Dead have the top selling comic book of the year, but Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye from Image Comics was the year's best selling trade paperback to comic book specialty shops. In fact, The Walking Dead took seven of the top ten spots in the graphic novel category.