The Rifftrax Team Discusses The Avengers (Video)

Former Mystery Science Theater 3000 masterminds MIke Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, now the stars of Rifftrax (which does basically the same thing, except with movies you've heard of before they're mocked), gathered in a new promotional video today to discuss their new release of a "riff" on Marvel's The Avengers.

Tagging in for Mike Nelson (who admittedly knows nothing about comics) was Sean Thomason with some help from Conor Lastowka. They alternately discuss the movie, the process of making the riff and the original movie The Avengers with Uma Thurman. It's worth watching, so check it out below.

Here's how they describe themselves:

The gang's all here! America Guy, The Jolly Green Giant, Spandex Lady, CGI Robert Downey Jr., and the rest! Okay, so maybe our guys don't have as big a budget as thereal Avengers, and their superpowers may only consist of mocking movies and having the super-human stamina to sit through Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve their own big-budget action flick!

Mike, Kevin, Bill, Conor and Sean ASSEMBLE around the office roundtable to discuss the latest in the Marvel (and the last of the pre-Lucasfilm/Disney/Marvel?) superhero epics, The Avengers! Watch it below!