New Arrested Development Stills: Haven't We Seen This Before?

If you're a fan of Arrested Development, today should make you happier than a whole thing of candy beans.

The long-cancelled, cult-hit sitcom is returning in May, with fourteen episodes being released to Netflix all at once rather than airing one at a time over the duration of a schedule. That's been known for a while.

Earlier today, though, fans got their first official information from show creator Mitchell Hurwitz about the content of the new episodes, which will each spotlight one character.

All 14 episodes will star Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth, who will be the only character to appear in every episode. The fourth season, which is designed to lead into an Arrested Development feature film should one materialize, will never feature all of the Bluths together. (With a number of the show's stars very busy, it's difficult to say at this juncture whether they might come back beyond the fourth season, either for the planned movie or for more episodes of the series.) Along with that revelation came the first official still from the upcoming season.

Now, BuzzSugar has two more new photos, one of which features George Michael driving the Bluth's stair car, and one of which features Michael at an airport.

Which, if you'll remember, is the "official" version of the first-ever set photo from the set of Arrested Development season four. It may not be exactly the same airport, but certainly there's something interesting in the fact that the first day of official releases includes Michael at an airport, when the first "unofficial" release was a tweeted picture of Michael at an airport back in August when filming began.