Superior Spider-Man #1 Has A Secret Letter Column

Superior Spider-Man #1, which was released in comic book stores today, has a secret letter column. Fans can watch the secret letter column by downloading the Marvel Augmented Reality App and pointing their phone’s camera at the last page of the Superior Spider-Man #1.

The Superior Spider-Man #1 secret letter column is actually a video featuring Superior Spider-Man editors Steve Wacker and Ellie Pyle, as wells as Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. In the first letter,  Anthony DeRiso writes that he hopes Amazing Spider-Man will be started up again so he can start buying it again. Slott replies, “Well, thanks for writing in Anthony. We’ll see you in a few years.”

Editor Steve Wacker then points out that the letter writer is assuming that Amazing is coming back, but Slott yells, “No, no, Amazing Spider-Man is dead, dead…Anthony.”

In the second letter, Mridul Sharma is also upset over what has transpired with Spider-Man. In answering the letter, Slott says, “Peter Parker is not gone. His spirit lives on.” Check out all the letters in the video below.