Godzilla Set to Cast Kick-Ass Star?

Legendary Picturesis eyeing Kick-Ass star Aaron-Taylor Johnson to star in the Gareth Edwards-directed reboot of Godzilla, Deadline reports.

Johnson, who also starred in Savages and Anna Karenina, will reprise his role in Kick-Ass 2 this year. The ball is reportedly in his court, with Deadline reporting that the actor has received an offer but won't make a decision until after he's seen the final draft of the script.

Frank Darabont, original showrunner for AMC's The Walking Dead, is reportedly rewriting the film, which is rumored to revolve around a soldier squaring off against three monsters, one of which is the titular Godzilla.

Warner Brothers and Legendary, who produced and distributed The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel together, among others, will be making the film, with Pacific Rim producer Mary Parent involved.

They're currently in the midst of litigation among a trio of producers who brought the property to Legendary, but with whom they've reportedly had financial and creative differences. Legendary is seeking to remove Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Doug Davison from the film.

Godzilla is expected in theaters in May 2014.