Man Of Steel: Gina Carano As Wonder Woman Cameo Rumors Resurface

Superman and Wonder Woman Man Of SteelEver since former mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano starred in Haywire, there have been rumors that she might play Wonder Woman. Initially the rumors appeared to have no more substance than fans were impressed with her performance in Haywire and thought she would make for a good Wonder Woman.

Over the last year, the rumors have continuously resurfaced, and while there still appears to be no concrete proof that Gina Carano will play Wonder Woman, it seems to grow more likely by the day. During the latter part of last year, the Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill was spotted hanging out with Gina Carano, leading some to speculate that the two might have met on the set of Man of Steel.

The rumor quickly died down, as no one quite knew if Cavill and Carano were just friends or were dating or just happened to be in the same place at once. However, when Henry Cavill and Gina Carano showed up together at the Critics’ Choice Awards, celebrity gossip sites immediately declared them a couple. With the two now confirmed to be dating, the rumors about Gina Carano making a cameo as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel have once again resurfaced.

There still appears to be no concrete proof about the Wonder Woman cameo, but we’re starting to believe it. Back in August, offered up our speculation that Wonder Woman might show up in Man of Steel. Our speculation was based on former Superman comic book writer George Perez indicating that the people producing the movie had a say about what was going on in the comic books. Of course, Superman started dating Wonder Woman in the comic books last year, which raises the possibility that it might have been something that was coordinated with the movie people.