Kevin Smith Calls Out Lance Armstrong

Kevin Smith calls out Lance Armstrong

If Lance Armstrong wasn’t already facing enough criticism, now it seems that Comic Book Men’s Kevin Smith also has a beef with him. However, Kevin Smith’s problem with Lance Armstrong goes back to way before Lance Armstrong admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs.

Kevin Smith said, “We did Clerks II. We were over in Cannes. Brian O’Halloran’s girlfriend Diana, she saw Lance Armstrong at a bar. We were all celebrating and stuff. We had a great screening. We got a standing ovation without performance enhancing drugs, and she went over and she said, ‘I’m a huge fan. I’m inspired by your life story (because he survived nut cancer). Can I take a picture with you?’ And the dude was like, ‘No.’ Come on, man, that’s like cold. But we all let it go, and here’s why. We’re like he survived nut cancer. So we all felt bad for him, and we all felt like if he survived nut cancer maybe it was Diana’s fault because what are you harassing the dude who survived nut cancer for. And we gave him a pass. And that’s what it seems like, everybody gave the dude a pass, left and right.”

Kevin Smith added “I didn’t win the Tour de France or anything like that, but then again as it turns out neither did Lance Armstrong.” As far as who Kevin Smith thinks kids should look up to instead, he pointed to hockey legend Wayne Douglas Gretzky.