Iron Man 3 Video From The Hollywood Set

Iron Man 3 Battered and BruisedIron Man 3 did some shooting at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California yesterday. Unlike much of the Wilmington, North Carolina shooting that was behind closed doors, this Iron Man 3 filming occurred out in the open, allowing it to be caught on video.

Several videos posted to YouTube show a street scene of people walking by the TCL Chinese Theatre like normal. Then, there is a huge explosion inside the TCL Chinese Theatre which sends smoke billowing out into the street. As the sound and effects of the explosion happen, pedestrians go scurrying, while the cars on the street swerve and crash.

There has been much speculation online over whether these are brand new shoots or re-shoots. can reveal that our sources in Wilmington, North Carolina told us that the Chinese Theatre was recreated as a set at the National Gypsum plant. The National Gypsum set was closed off, so it was impossible to see what type of scenes were filmed there.

Our guess is that the reshoots might partially have to do with the renaming of the Chinese Theatre. When the filming occurred in Wilmington this summer, it was when the Chinese Theatre was still called Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The Chinese Theatre has since been renamed TCL Chinese Theatre, and TCL recently announced a product placement deal with Iron Man 3. Iron Man 3 is set to be released in theaters on May 3, 2013.