New Arrow Clip: Oliver Meets Count Vertigo

The CW Network and The Hollywood Reporter have released a clip from tonight's episode of Arrow, titled Vertigo, in which Oliver Queen comes face to face for the first time with The Count, better known to comic book fans as Count Vertigo.

In this iteration of the character, he doesn't go by that name but rather runs drugs--including a disorienting drug with the "Vertigo" street name. Portrayed by Seth Gabel from Fringe, the character has a closer connection with Oliver than with Green Arrow, as his sister has found herself in trouble with the drug.

That's right--folks. Speedy is a junkie. Get your yuks in now.

"The Count is a trickster, and he comes from the street. Most of the people on Oliver's list are white-collar villains … but The Count is unique in that he relishes the opportunity to prove his own dominance over any force in Starling City and as a force of the street," Gabel told The Hollywood Reporter. "He feels like he can take on anything, including the Arrow."

Arrow airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. Check out the clip below.