Kevin Smith To Star In New Fox TV Show

Shortcoms Comedy Hour

Director and comedian Kevin Smith will be starring in a new comedy coming to Fox this summer. The show is called The Short-Com Comedy Hour, and it features four unique short-form sitcoms in an hour-long broadcast.

Each short-com features both established and up-and-coming actors and comedians in one-act scenes. Kevin Smith will be one of the established comedians starring in the show, along with Dov Davidoff, Ali Wong, Neal Brennan and Michael Kosta. Kevin Smith revealed that he will be shooting his short-com with Shannen Doherty and Ralph Garman.

“We are basically ripping open the traditional scripted comedy development process with The Short-Com Comedy Hour,” said Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Our end goal is to provide distinct comedy voices with a world-class platform to experiment, grow and perfect their ideas and to hopefully build them into mainstream comedy hits in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing what the untapped comedy community has to offer.”

The Short-Com Comedy Hour will also have a host and house band, who have not yet been announced. The biggest news though is that Fox plans to take the most fully realized and best scripted vignettes and commission them to series.